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words & music Steven Childs Pennamen
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We have tonight, we had today
Out of all the things we said, how much now will be kept
If only lies are all we find, a couple years from now
I’ll love you anyhow
But for tonight, right now
Let me hold on to you tight
And love you through the night, right now

One day we’ll see, where we will be
Maybe, walking in the sun along a sea of sand
And reminisce each gentle kiss
The day our hearts were bound
Through the love that we have found, right now

We have today, maybe tomorrow
For all we know we do
As for now we have each other, and I have you

Winds of change turn things upside down
A shattered heart, twist inside out
If another try’s to steal your heart
Remember what we have right now
We’ve both known, a broken heart arrow
Love is to be treasured, forever without measure
This love we share together, right now

We have today, maybe tomorrow
For all we know we do
As for now we have each other
Right now, were here together
Right now, Right now I have you.

Artist Comments

I wrote the song "Right Now" over 20 years ago and left it sitting on the shelf.  This is a song I wrote for my wife Pamela after our first argument. It was one of those moments where I left for awhile to calm down a bit.

Through the night I thought of how fragile relationships can be and how we should learn to cherish the moments we have together, early the next morning I wrote this song.

We have learned throughout the years to make every moment count as if it was our last. We are both still happily married and surprisingly we have had only a couple disagreements in over 20 + years.

It’s what we have RIGHT NOW that matters most, being together and sharing our
 lives and love for the Lord, with each other. It's the Lord whom we give the glory for our wonderful relationship.

The Instrumental “Embrace” is a rendering of the love song "Right Now"

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