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The instrumental "Embrace" in an original instrumental and a rendering of a corresponding love song released written for my wife Pamela "Right Now" which features vocals.

Artist Comments

In the video for "Embrace" another journey begins with a golden music box and beautiful aerial video photography.

Beautiful aerial shots across various skylines, an old ship, familiar bridges, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Embrace is an instrumental with a saxophone and flute images fading in and out of the video footage.

Writing instrumental music compositions I sometimes use renderings of a corresponding release that features vocals, in this case I wrote the song "Right Now" w/lyrics and the instrumental version "Embrace"

Arranging instruments and mixing the textures of each of the instruments, the music seems to take on a life of it's own. Writing instrumentals gives me an opportunity to explore various melodies, and not be distracted by the lyrics of a song. I love the creative artistic freedom that producing an instrumental provides.

I never think to much about theory or about what instruments should be put together as many composer's seem to. I just work with what I feel create what blends well and sounds good to me at the moment and hope other people will enjoy the final results.

Embrace is a instrumental version and instrumental music video of the love song with lyrics "Right Now" which was written for my wonderful wife Pamela 20 + years ago.

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