Natures Disappearing

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Natures Disappearing | lyrics

© words & music John Mayall (cover song)
Produced and Performed by Steven Childs Penamen

Man's a filthy creature
Raping the Land, water and the air
Tomorrow may be too late
Now's the time that you must be aware
Natures Disappearing
Polluted death coming, do you care?

Garbage going nowhere
Soon the dumps will spread to your front door
Lakes and rivers stagnant
Nothings lives or grows like years before
Natures Disappearing
The world you take for granted soon no more

Read about pollution
Make manufacturers uncomfortable
Boycott at the market
Containers that are non-returnable
Aluminum, glass or plastic
Eternal waste that's not destructible

We're a generation
That may live out our natural time
But as for all our children
Born to suffocate in human slime
Natures Disappearing
And were are all guilty of this massive crime

Artist Comments

John Mayall, wrote this song sometime in the 60's and recorded it on his USA UNION album which was released in Jan 1970, If only we would have listened to him back then, just maybe we could have made a difference. (Natures Disappearing)

I put these tracks down one night in my Studio, Having Some Fun! 

Check out the (John Mayall) USA Album, great Blues tunes... This album brings back some great memories. Takes me back where I once belonged, things were quite different back then.
Thanks John, for all the great tunes....

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Nature's Disappearing


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