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                                                           By: Justin Brock, CSN MUSIC CRITIC

Steven Pennamen’s freshman effort, Tablet of my Heart, is…
”the result of ten years of prayer.. “ and it shows. Lyrics serve 
as the central focal point of the songs.
While the tenor does turn in a fine performance vocally, he doesn’t 
get carried away with unnecessary acrobatics that only serve as a
 distraction from the music.
This acoustically driven album is reminiscent of the seventies,
 while the production value actually sounds quite current. It’s obvious to me that God is guiding Pennamen’s music.

Steven Childs Pennamen Music Reviews and comments


Tablet of My Heart CD

Steve’s acoustic guitar and his vocals are truly uplifting. Great CD.
 Jim M.

Tablet of My Heart CD

Floating guitar riffs and soothing melodies,… this is the kind of stuff that makes a drive go faster. Nice work Steven! 
Michael H

Song: Abide In The Vine

Love this song because it is based on God’s Precious and Holy word.
 I am blessed hearing your singing my Precious Brother. God bless you!
  Sherry J.

Song: Abide In The Vine

Steven, I am grateful for this song especially since it is completely scripture based.
I am teaching it to our youngsters grades 3-5 to go along with their weekly lesson
 on Abiding In Christ!
 Thank you again for your obedience to the Father and for using your gifts!
 Pam Y.

Song: Abide In The Vine

Beautiful – the words, the singing and the video. I just uploading a song I’ve written that I named
“Abiding in the Vine”. When I went back to make sure it uploaded, I found your song by the same name.
 Mine is praise and prayer that I may forever “Abide in the Vine”.
 I like very much the way your included scripture in yours! 
Betty B

Song: Abide In The Vine

Dear Brother Steven, I have been so Blessed today listening and singing along with your music.
I am so overwhelmed with the Goodness and Mercy of our God. I ‘m so refreshed and renewed
and in Love with Jesus our Lord. Thank You and may you continue to be Nourished as you
, Abide in the Vine and bear much fruit on your branches.
 Just thought you should know that God has blessed me in your ministry to Him.

Song: Chasing the Wind
This is Awesome, love your new song and video! You are an amazing songwriter and artist!
 Graphix A.

Song: Chasing the Wind

Mate that’s a great production and video and I love the song. Is it on iTunes?

Jesus Name Above All Names
Jesus, I love this song, I Love it! Melissa S.

Song: To Know Him

Nice! I’m excited about how Christian music is expanding and with personal studious being
so affordable there is some good underground material now..
Jonah C.

Song: To Know Him
This is beautiful…wow! Nice! ‪I love your song!!!! Its peaceful…Amen….‬
Miyoko I.

Song: The Lords Prayer

Steve, Good to see you still engaged in your craft! Excellent and keep up the good work
 Don W.

Song: The Lords Prayer
Very pretty song, Steve!
 Marianne M.

Treasure Of His Love
This is a beautiful song! The children at St. Catherine's are singing it for grandparent's day in November, and they all love it already.

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