Miracle of You

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Miracle Of You | lyrics

words & music Steven Childs Pennamen
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It’s a beautiful day, although the rain has poured
You bring the sunshine through to me
Even when your not here, my hearts aware
And in my heart you are always there

You’re gone most of the day, but when your away
I close my eyes and you are here
I can touch you now, I can feel you here
Even though you are miles away

Please understand your love is always here
Your never really gone, although you are somewhere
When you are away, I always feel this way
I give you all my love, for that’s the only way

Please understand your love will always be
Inside of my heart, wherever you may be

My fortunes come, my only one
Because of you, my life is now fulfilled
No more lonely times, Or dreams of Paradise
I found my Paradise since the Miracle Of You

Artist Comments

Miracle of You is a love song ballad I originally wrote in the late 70's and had pressed onto a 45rpm record.
(remember vinyl records)

This song was written for someone special in my life at that time.  One day as she was leaving to off to work I told her as she was leaving the house, that I would write a song for her that day.

Many years have passed since the song was written, but the song remains the same. This version of the song is a bit more orchestrated than the original version.

I recorded and produced Miracle of You one night in my studio. I always thought the melody & lyrics were romantic. It's one of those love songs that stuck with me throughout the years.

I spent most of the night working on the music and did the vocals and harmonies the following day.

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