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Finale is an original instrumental and a rendering of the corresponding release of the love song " Miracle of You" which features vocals.

Artist Comments

The "Finale" video begins as the needle falls gently on a record.  With a beautiful sunrise fading into the night, the journey begins as it takes you across a majestic ocean scene. With beautiful video photography of Seattle Washington's skyline and the Space Needle.

The Space Needle was built in 1962 for the Seattle Worlds Fair and originally sketched on a napkin by artist Edward E. Carlson. Carlson penciled the shape that became Seattle's internationally renown landmark, the Space Needle.

As the journey continues on the Zipper Carnival Ride in Ocean City, Maryland and various evening skyline video shots through out the country. You'll  soon be planning your next vacation and a carriage ride in Chicago. Perhaps a trip to our Nations Capital or a visit to New York City's Radio City.

The finale ends, as the sun fades into the sunset with a celebration and a colorful display of fireworks.

Hope you enjoy the journey, and the instrumental music "Finale."


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Miracle of You - Pennamen Music

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