Chasing the Wind

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Chasing The Wind | lyrics

words & music Steven Childs Pennamen
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Wrote these words down yesterday, not much too say
Today I feel the same, all over again
Walking down the avenue
Nothing to gain, so much to lose
Had to get away, everything changed

Outside the restaurant there’s a place time forgot
Memories remain, but it’s not the same
You left behind a photograph that brought me here
To touch the past but your not near
You’re somewhere out there
Chasing the wind, all over again

Why deny, there’s nothing to hide
I’ve come to realize, chasing the wind all over again

One day I’ll be back this way, all over again
No one can chart a path, chasing the wind
Strangers meet like ships lost in the night
Moment’s later they pass you by
Seems were all the same
Chasing the wind all over again

Without a clue yesterdays news
Caught me by surprise
All you had to say
, you were on your way
Chasing the wind, all over again

There was a sign on the boulevard
Time faded away
It read: Welcome to our town
Enjoy your stay, come now what may
Your on your way chasing the wind

Wrote these words down yesterday
Not much to say……………

Chasing the Wind

Artist Comments

When writing the lyrics to Chasing the Wind I couldn't think of anything to write about. I had the melody in my head and all I ended up writing on paper that day was "Not much to say"

The next morning as I read the note I started wring the lyrics to the melody. The song became a fictional story for the most part, about relationships, and how sometimes without a clue we find out "Yesterdays News" caught us by surprise.

Maybe it's a photograph, left behind that brings us to a familiar place where we reach out to touch the past. But now it's clear, we realize the relationship is over and begin to look for the signs, but now faded away.

Once again we find ourselves searching for answers "Chasing The Wind, all over again."

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