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About Steven Childs Pennamen

Singer · Songwriter · Musician

Steven's main focus is writing Christian songs, creating inspirational music and videos.
Steven reflects on God's Word to inspire him and meticulously weaves the Gospel of Jesus Christ through scripture into his songs.

As a songwriter Steven takes on a wide variety of music genres. Writing songs is his passion and focuses himself writing beautiful melodic music to celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "I write from my heart" say's Steven and does his best to produce quality music and videos to demonstrate his inspiration and style.

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Steven Pennamen

singer · songwriter · musician

Steven Pennamen as a professional musician began writing songs at the age of 14, writing songs and jingles about most anything. Great music was everywhere in the 60’s and 70’s, where Steven acquired
his passion for music and writing songs.

Influenced by the British Invasion of the Beatles and other great artists, Steven first picked up a guitar and spent every moment with it. His uncle always knew how to find him at the airport, he says
“He’s the one with a couple guitars in each hand, and a song in his heart”

Since that time Steven primarily focuses on writing songs inspired from his personal experiences and his love for serving God.

Steven’s songs feature acoustic guitar-based music with inspirational lyrics directly from scripture, such as “Abide in the Vine”, “Psalm 23”, “Seek First”, “Forevermore” and many more.

Each song points to the cross and is meticulously crafted to celebrate Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, Lord and friend.

Steven released his first Christian CD, “Calling You Home” in 2002 which was re-released as “Tablet of My Heart” in 2009. (reviews)

Steven has been a guitarist, bassist and singer on church worship teams and performed at several churches as a guest artist throughout the country. “It’s not for my glory, I am just a messenger” says, Steven.

Steven’s desire is to praise the Lord in music by writing songs for other artists to record and perform. He also composes instrumentals for film and television projects.

“It’s been a refining process,” says Steven, “the Lord delivers us from the storms of life, so that we can effectively and personally share the message of the Gospel victoriously, in Him.

Thus we are able to compassionately reach out and confidently proclaim the love of Christ to a lost a broken world, not only through music but through our everyday lives.

The Lord transforms our hearts and minds through our everyday trials of life so that His light will shine through us as a testimony of His love and faithfulness.”

Steven and his wife Pamela of 20+ years, now serve in ministry, providing encouragement through personal testimonies and music that celebrates God’s Living Word.

May His light shine through us all, as a testimony of his love and faithfulness.

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Writing Song Lyrics

I often get asked about writing song lyrics, do I write the lyrics first?  Or do I write the music first?

To answer the question, It depends on the mood, the inspiration or perhaps the surroundings. At times I get a melody in my head and may pick up a guitar and the music is there, the lyrics sometimes take a little longer, I like to keep the lyrics simple and to the point.

At other times I just pick up a guitar and the melody and song lyrics are just there. It’s as if it always existed and the song was waiting on me to play and sing.

This happens quite often with Inspirational Christian Music, I believe it’s because most of these song lyrics are directly out of the word of God.

One day in particular I wrote these three songs, the music and lyrics just flowed out, as if they were always there. Calling You Home, Forevermore and Season of Time.

I have not yet recorded Season of Time, however these songs were inspired and written in less than an hour.

Another day after spending some quality time in the word, I wrote Abide In The Vine, Tablet Of My Heart, Psalm 23 and Seek First.

I love those kind of days, sometimes it is just a line I heard someone say, but mostly Christian lyrics come from meditating on Gods word.

Writing song lyrics that glorify God is my true passion. Song lyrics that point to the cross and celebrates Jesus Christ as my Lord, Savior and friend. For me personally there is nothing more inspiring than Gods Living Word.

Writing love song lyrics comes naturally.  The melody typically comes first and the song lyrics fall right in place. I get my inspiration from the Lord, my wife Pamela and past experiences.

My goal in creating Christian Music and Videos is to lead people to a rewarding relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. My reward is through the love of Christ and the talents He has freely given by his grace.

I hope you enjoy the Christian Music and Videos, please take a moment to listen to the music and let your heart be filled with the love of God as you keep your heart in Him.

I pray the music will inspire you to a closer, more personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Music Videos

In years past, writing music was so much different than it is today. Today, it seems most people prefer watching a music video than just listening to music.
As a songwriter this has made the process more challenging, but in many ways more exciting and rewarding.

Today for songwriters and artists to get some recognition for the songs they have written, a video seems to be a wonderful outlet. It allows an artist to let there imagination come alive on film depending on their budget.

Creating a video is now a vital part of what a musician, songwriter and artist needs in order to get their music heard. Music videos have become a new challenge, requiring a lot of time and focus. Creating music videos in many ways is far more limiting than the process of writing music and lyrics.

When I write a song or create a music video, it is not about self promotion, so I rarely include myself in a video.
The whole purpose is to glorify God and lead the viewer to the cross of Jesus Christ by sharing video footage that I find inspirational and fits the music.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music based on Biblical promises and principals.
We highly recommend the teachings from Andrew Wommack Ministries. His personal experiences and revelations based on solid Bible Teaching has transformed our Christian Walk and personal relationship with the Lord.

God has great plans for your life, Andrew Wommack will help guide you into a more personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Listen to his free teaching online, open your heart and receive a true understanding of the Bible and all that God has for you.


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Charis Bible College

If you are considering a Bible College "Charis Bible College" may be your next step to fulfilling the desire of your heart. Charis Bible College focuses exclusively on the Bible as the main textbook.

As an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries in Woodland Park, Colorado just outside of Colorado Springs. Campus Classes, Online Classes, and Correspondence Classes available. Since 1994 Charis Bible College is now celebrating 20 years of helping Christians in their personal growth, gaining a better understanding of God's Word, preparing for ministry and deepening a personal relationship with God.

2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

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